Broken Group Islands: 4 Days

Kayaking in Pacific Rim National Park off the west coast of Vancouver Island


All Experience Levels

Meeting Place:

Port Alberni


4 days


July 4-7
July 9-12
July 16-19 *
July 23-26*
July 30-Aug 2
Aug 8-13
*LGBTQ specific




Broken Group Islands: 4 Day Kayak Journey

The Broken Group Islands are a part of the Pacific Rim National Park. Located off the west coast of Vancouver Island, it is made up of a rich tapestry of small isles, sand and shell beaches and lush temperate rain forest. Marine and land mammals to watch for include Orcas, Humpbacks and Grey Whales, sea otters, sea lions, wolves, deer, eagles and pelicans.

We will meet the evening prior to our trip in Port Alberni to discuss final trip information. On the first morning of our trip we will take the Lady Rose Ferry into the Broken Group Islands. This journey will get us acquainted with the area, as well as offer up great scenery and the possibility of whale watching.

With such a rich cultural and ecological history, there is always something to look out for or ponder on our paddle. A fairly sheltered group of islands, this multi-day trip is great for all experience levels.

We are excited to celebrate the LGBTQ2S community during Pride! We will be running two multi-day trips to bring the community together in an outdoor setting. Please join us for one of our journeys to connect in nature with great people. Read our contribution to News 1130: Pride Outside article.

We are also working towards a Wellness Journey this Summer. This journey will include a facilitator who will share in their yoga and meditation practices in our morning and evening hours. The journey will have highlights and conversations to soak in nature as therapy and ways to take what we absorb out here back into our daily lives. If this interests you, please inquire via email!

Read an article from the Globe and Mail highlighting Wild Root Journeys in their Hidden Canada addition where we are highlighted as the place and company of choice in BC!


Highlighted in orange below is the possible paddling range.

Where We Paddle

Day 1

We will start the trip with the ever classic Lady Rose ferry at 8 am which will take us to our starting point at the Sechart Lodge. We will unload our gear from the ferry and begin packing our kayaks. A kayak instructional will be delivered to assure the group has a good understanding of paddling techniques and group travel. We will then have lunch before our paddle. The first day will include 2-3 hours of paddling in the afternoon, before making our way to our first camp.

Day 2 and 3

These will be full paddling days unless the weather tells us otherwise. Our days will include 2-3 hours of paddling before lunch and another 2-3 hours of paddling post lunch. The routes will vary on group, weather, water conditions and guides decisions. We will likely switch camps once to give the group a greater chance to see more of the islands.

Day 4

The final day will include a full morning paddle. We will have lunch, sort our gear and catch a 3:00 pm ferry back to Port Alberni. The ferry will have us back by 7:00 pm where we will exchange emails for photos and make our next plans!

It's nice to book a hotel or campsite locally for this evening to assure travel is not rushed if any changes should happen.

When & Where We Meet

We will meet at in Port Alberni the night before at 7pm at a given location. This meeting will take about 1 hour.

At this time we will review all pre-trip information, including morning departure - meeting place and time, appropriate clothing, itinerary, etc. We will also distribute dry bags, paddle jackets and water bottles for personal packing.

It is important for all participants to be present for the meeting. We find it very beneficial to the organization of the trip. We will also at this time fill out waivers and review any other medical concerns.

What is Included

  • All kayaking and safety equipment
  • Paddling jacket
  • Camp chair
  • Three dry bags for your personal belongings
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag can be rented for 15$
  • Sleeping mat
  • All kitchen and fire gear
  • All meals and snacks
  • Ferry to and from the BGI's

Please ask about any extra rentals if needed

What to Bring

Clothing should include:

  • 1 pair of shoes that can get wet and most importantly have grip. They need to have ankle support. I recommend runners, water shoes, Keen or Croc sandals. Closed toed shoes help against stubbing toes on rocks.
  • A pair of rubber boots are optional. Perks include your feet staying dry entering and exiting the kayaks. Downside they can flood if a wave fills them. They can also be bulky to wear in a kayak or to store.
  • 1 pair of shoes for land, after kayaking.
  • 2-4 warm socks
  • 2 shorts
  • 1-2 pants
  • Underwear
  • 1 thermal underwear – like the underlays you might wear skiing.
  • 3-4 shirts, short and long
  • 1-2 sweaters, at least one very warm sweater recommended
  • Rain jacket and rain pants
  • Gloves if you easily get cold fingers
  • 2 wool hats
  • Sun hat
  • A face mask

No cotton/jeans. They become heavy and cold when wet. Synthetics are a better option such as fleece or polyester. These will warm with your body if wet.

Other Items Include:

  • Sun glasses
  • Glasses and Contacts. Consider a back up if one becomes lost or breaks.
  • Toiletries – biodegradable soaps please.
  • Baby wipes and a few band aids
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Headlamp
  • SPF Chapstick
  • Personal medications. Bring extra doses medication if is critical to you. Separate and duplicate, storing one set with a partner or guide. A trip can be cut short if there is not enough medication to keep a client safe.
  • Water bottle. It nice to have a clip attached.
  • Book. Keep in waterproof/sealable bag
  • Spirits. Alcohol may be consumed after the days kayaking only.
  • Camera. Small waterproof cameras are great. If you have a larger SL camera a pelican case is a great way to keep it protected. Alternatively, a camera can be wrapped in a sweater and kept in a dry bag for protection.
  • Extra batteries
  • Ziplock bags
  • Sleeping bag and/or mat if you prefer your own over ours.

Leave your watches and phones behind

Please contact us with any further questions at

Photo Gallery

Photos to enjoy from Broken Group Islands kayak journeys past!

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