The emotions I felt approaching the #climatestrike in Vancouver were raw and powerful. I feel so proud to see youth enraged and standing up for what they know to be true and right. We are in a broken economical, political system that does not align with our earth’s systems and capacity. Youth are awake, adults are aware, so let’s help each other and our future, lets act. We are in a crisis and in such a state we need to treat this as a crisis. I am so proud of those who took that first step to take a stand here and around the world. I feel proud to witness this momentum which has finally begun to push off. My kid heart in me is cheering YES, we are finally waking up and we are going to move mountains. Take action where you can. Our ripple is infinite into our future. Our power is beyond scope, our power too is infinite.

This day of protest around the world was inspired by a 16 year ol Greta Thunberg. Lets always remember the power in us is great and when compelled to take action we can make waves. Here are her inspiring talks to the UN and to a Ted Talk audience.


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