Putting yourself out there is not a feeling of comfort… More it comes from wanting to find comfort. To evolve.

Sometimes that feeling can evoke fear, anxiety, tension and perceived or actual risk. When this feeling comes up for people in nature I often like to ask what this feeling in them feels like… What part of your body does it lie in. Is this feeling a common one? Next question…. Are we in actual risk… Or is this more of a perceived risk… What’s the worst possible outcome in this moment and what actual harm is possible… The actual risk is usually far less than the perceived. “I may fall into the ocean”. I gently remind them that we have lifejackets, that they could swim or tread water, and we can together get them back into their kayak….. The perceived risk could take someone’s mind to the farthest reaches of their imagination. Asking yourself about the actual and perceived risks is a valuable excercice in moments where you begin to feel nervous. Trust your body and mind but also take pause to see what the root of your feelings are.

I begin to think about how many times in a year, month, week or day we really put ourselves out there in these vulnerable places to feel the balance of risk vs personal gain. How living in a city we can just let the traffic signs tell us where to go and how little we truly have to take in our surrounding environment. … How dulled we become. This feeling of anxiety and fear is in fact, not accurate at all….. We are mistaking fear and anxiety for their true power….

In reality, our mind is awakening and having to take in more information; our body is feeling and sensing the air, energy, this place; our ears are listening acutely. This is more what it means to being alert and aware. …. In this moment fear CAN mask what truly is a beautiful, real feeling… A feeling of fully being alive in a moment. Perhaps we have kept ourselves away from this too long. Perhaps it’s a reminder to push through and feel the power of our wild souls.

I challenge you to take risk and pause, to embrace resilience, courage and inner power, to again bring on a reborn you.

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