If you have been following Wild Root Journeys you know that we host adventures that really let you sink into an environment and feel fully in the elements and space. I love creating a setting where people are pumped to be arriving to, and immediately or almost immediately able to just feel like they can drop in. When I say drop in, this looks and feels like your body physically relaxing because you know that you’re in a safe and cared for environment where you can be you, express what you need and laugh amongst peers.

What I love about wilderness trips with a group is that you are bound to share in experiences, that feel like they are just so wildly rare and beautiful. It is in this physical activity, stunning setting, away from routine that you will challenge yourself, be seen by others, share in experiences and tune into your true self. You find time to be truly in your own mind and body and to share something meaningful with someone on trip. A tie is created on trip and I often feel a bit of a heart ache to say goodbye at the end.

This pattern of strong community connection and depth has become something I feel called to explore and learn more about. I am particularly in love with the art of play in nature. When we allow ourselves to feel this joy and bliss through our body, mind, and amongst our peers, peers who may be strangers to start and friends by the time a trip is over can enhance our days and re-entry into our more routine life. It is just such a gift to watch people drop in on trip. This shared feeling on trip, is easily what I feel most proud of, knowing that I played a small role to facilitate this state.

Sometimes this state of flow and joy in people is seeing them really finding a groove while paddling, where their body is relaxed, and they are intently in thought or admiration of the scenery. Hearing someone release a belly-deep sigh as if they are the only ones around and smiling through their eyes is such a beautiful sight to witness. Another way I see people dropping-in, is in curiosity of place, taking up their camera to capture a macro image of a sea anemone or the lichen that hangs off the conifers in an almost neon green shade. What I love too is the self-release to just be. This shows up when I see the group running for the ocean and leaping in, carefree of how they look or if it will be cold. This feeling of play overcomes and in turn so evidently shifts something within us for the absolute best.

We are rewarded by the leaps we take. By the ways in which we learn ourselves and take action to care for ourselves. I feel gratitude when I see another booking for my company and a stoke for the individuals who open themselves to nature, connection, physical activity, and play.

I am excited for the start of the season and to explore with you all again soon. Please pass on the word to those who may benefit from our BC Coast. We are currently only open to booking BC residents and offer full deposit refunds should the government withhold local travel.

As always, Wild Love


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